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Vanilla & Roselle oat balls.jpg

My name is Amerae Vercueil, I am a food photographer & stylist, qualified chef and recipe developer. I believe in creating beautiful visuals for my clients. Additionally, I specialise in allergy and vegan-based diets may it be menu consulting or product development.

LOCAL / Equinox / Cape ETC / My Kitchen / Fitlife / Balanced Life/ Kenwood/ Imbo/ Cape Herb and Spice/  Spice Mecca/  Livingspace / AA Traveller / Getaway / TFG Club / Club Kids / Man / Moirs / Anchors Yeast / Galbani / Sasko / Fruittree / Local Village/ Phytopro

 INTERNATIONAL/ Aldi / H&M / Uber Eats / (; etc)

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