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Mixed box Boemboe tempeh

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Product Details
  • BOX of 10, 4 x soybean, 3 x blackbean, 3 x chickpea
  • Contact us for single packs or view our stockists list.
  • Fresh-frozen living tempeh. Traditionally handcrafted.
  • SOYBEAN - For those new to tempeh or avid tempeh eaters, this one has a very light and easy cultured taste and goes great with (anything) or stir-fry's, as a replacement for any poultry dish or marinated & fried like bacon.
  • BLACKBEAN - For tempeh lovers, this one has a mild cultured taste and goes great with Mexican dishes, wraps and sandwiches. Crumbled up and fry and use as a replacement for mince.
  • CHICKPEA - For the more mature and adventurous tempeh consumers, this one has a stronger cultured taste and goes great with curries, in Mediterranean dishes or crumbled over soups.
  • NON-gmo Soybeans/ blackbeans/ chickpeas, apple cider vinegar, rhizopus, oligosphorus, non-gmo rice flour. 330g. Made in a factory that uses soya. Keep frozen, once thawed use within 7 days. Tag us or invite us for dinner @boemboetempeh @food.thatlovesyouback
  • Naturally sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan friendly.
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