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About Tempeh Chips
Love your potato chips but need a change of flavours? May we tempt you with some
tempeh instead? Get ready to give your taste buds the time of their lives because we’re
showing our love for this versatile, fermented soybean product that hails from Indonesia and
turning it into deliciously crispy, kettle-cooked Real Tempeh Chips for your snacking
pleasure! Made from 100% non GMO soybeans from KwaZulu Natal, our gluten-free tempeh
chips are thinly sliced and tossed in natural seasoning that contains absolutely no MSG,
preservatives or artificial flavouring.
❖ Superfood snacks made from fermented soybeans
❖ Naturally delicious chips from tempeh with unique flavor and crunch.
❖ A satisfying savoury snack.
❖ Healthier snacks choice for kids and adults who love healthiness and fitness.
❖ Gluten-free & low carb snacks. No preservatives, No MSG, No added sugar. Only made
from natural ingredients (Non-GMO soybean, tempeh yeast, tapioca flour, rice flour,
garlic, salt, lime leaf, (chili powder) (curry powder).
❖ Kettle cooked / handcrafted in small batches in Cape Town using sunflower oil.
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