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How to actually crave kale for breakfast

I do crave kale, not because I am an environmentally aware grass-eater but more specifically because this kale salad - I might have a biased towards veggies more than most people, I would agree, but it's not because necessarily because of the vegetable but how it is made. In this recipe, it's made to actually crave!

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Best kale omelette

Serves 2


1/4 cup ACV

1/4 cup EVOO

2-3tbsp honey

1/2 tsp wholegrain mustard

a pinch of our special pink salt

Freshly cracked black pepper

To serve

4 eggs

3 handful chopped kale leaves

Gourmet Chilli Oil

2 slices bread

Mix all the dressing ingredients in a large bowl.

Rinse and chop the kale with a scissor. Massage the dressing into the kale using a tong or two forks. Allow sitting for 30 minutes up to overnight.

Prepare a non-stick frying pan on medium heat. Add the kale and fry for 5 minutes while stirring constantly. If your pan has enough space, toast your bread now with the juices of the kale for additional flavour!

Add the eggs and cook for 2-3 minutes. Flip the egg mixture over and cook on the opposite side.

Place onto a serving plate with toasted bread. Serve with gourmet chilli oil.


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